The Top Signs Your Manukau Home Needs a Bug Exterminator


Bugs can make living in a home unbearable. They tend to hide in places where it’s difficult to reach them and come out at the most inopportune times. Depending on which bug a home is infested with, they might bite the family or get into perishable foods. It’s important to start treating the home as soon as there are signs of an infestation.

These signs can help a homeowner recognise an infestation so they can contact a bug exterminator in their area right away.

Excess moisture. Roaches and termites thrive in damp places. Damp homes are havens for these types of bugs. An exterminator can examine the home for the presence of bugs and give a homeowner advice on how to kill them and keep them away.

Over-the-counter products don’t work. These chemicals are generally only effective if they come in direct contact with the bug. Homeowners who aren’t able to locate the source of the infestation will not be able to solve the problem on their own and should contact a pest exterminator they can trust. Just Google words like ‘pest control Manukau‘ or whatever area you are in and you will get a list of reputable companies who can help.

Bugs are visible in the daylight. Roaches and bedbugs are most active at night. If they make an appearance in the daytime, there’s a good chance a home is heavily infested. It will be extremely difficult for a family to rid their home of these bugs without the help of a professional.

Roaches, bedbugs, and termites are unpleasant but rats can be worse. If a home has one rat, there’s a high likelihood there are more. Signs of a rat infestation include obvious droppings, scratching noises, holes, and rub marks on floors or other surfaces. A family that notices any of these signs needs to hire a rat exterminator immediately. Merely closing the holes and trapping the rats will not be effective. Only an experienced exterminator will be able to ensure all of the rats are trapped and no more can get into the house.

Whether a home is infested with bugs or rats, a professional bug exterminator such as J’s Pest Control can solve the problem. J’s Pest Control operate throughout Auckland including Manukau and the North Shore. The earlier a family contacts an exterminator, the easier it will be to get rid of all the pests. Only the best North Shore pest control exterminators, such as J’s Pest Control, will ensure the pests are gone by returning for a follow-up visit after completing the extermination. Visit their website, to find out more.


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