Summer Pests You Can Expect in NZ


The New Zealand’s warm summer days bring sun, fun, and unfortunately insects and pests. The warmer weather creates a perfect environment for pests to breed and alot of pests come out of hibernation in the summer months. During this time of year all sorts of annoying bugs tend to be most active.

Here are some of the common summer pests you should look out for in NZ:


Flies reproduce rapidly under favourable conditions during summer (warmth and food). Being carriers of easily communicable diseases, they are associated with over 100 disease-causing pathogens. This is not surprising given that they feed on and hatch in decaying organic matter (i.e. garbage, excrement, food). As they fly between areas where they can find rotting waste and household surfaces, they can transfer these pathogens and have them transmitted to people. It is therefore important to take necessary precautions to keep flies out of your home and food.


Mosquitoes are another type of pest that tends to breed in warm weather during summer, though some species can survive in winter. These pests can cause nuisance problems in your Auckland home and ruin your summer recreational activities; but, even worse, they can threaten your life and that of your family. They are a carrier of a plethora of diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, filariasis, and more. So, you need to take measures to prevent these blood suckers from infesting your home this summer.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps, hornets, and bees all proliferate in warm weather, their nests emerging in the spring and early summer. These stinging insects can cause a number of problems around your Manukau home. They are known to make nests around homes in Auckland in areas, such as vents of the roof, gables, soffits, eaves and on trees around the property. When provoked, these insects can all sting repeatedly without losing their stingers. They are a real threat to your family’s health and well-being, and you must prevent them from building nests around your home. Call a wasp exterminator in Auckland immediately.


Cockroaches breed fast and proliferate during summer when there are high temperatures and humid conditions. Because of this, a full blown cockroach infestation can occur in a week or even a few days. Cockroach infestations in your home present serious health risks and other potential consequences this summer. These pests feed on human waste as well as human food and they can spread germs that cause diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, plaque, typhoid fever, etc. They can also cause some people to experience allergies due to their filthy habits and smell. Cockroach control in Auckland should be done.


Another common summer pest in NZ is ants. These crawlies are some of the toughest insects in the world and quite common around the Auckland region. They typically build their nests around homes in places like rubbish bins, potted plants, garden and other areas that have food available. The nests are usually located underground with the pests coming out, sometimes in large numbers, to scavenge for food. They can invade the insides of your house and do substantial damage to your assets, and you must find ways to keep them away from your property.


In summer, the population of rodents (rats and mice) usually goes up because of the warmer temperatures that encourage their breeding and growth. This, in turn, increases the risk of a summer rodent infestation – which can be detrimental to the well-being of your property. Rats and mice are known to cause damage to properties in Auckland and other areas of NZ. They often burrow into the properties’ foundations and will gnaw on anything, from furniture to fabrics. These rodents also carry diseases that are easily transmitted to humans. So you can’t allow them to take over your home this summer.


Though they might be cute, possums create messes and can easily introduce others pests like fleas and ticks to your property. They also make noises that could scare your pets and you should, therefore, not allow them to invade your property this summer.

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